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Developing Your Risk Management Strategy

WHat you will learn

In this course we will take a trip to Southern California to a local cannabis retail dispensary where we will met up with Stephanie Bozzuto from Cannabis Connect Insurance Services.  We will take a deep dive into the the cannabis retail operations and how do businesses now navigate there risk.  With a state level retaliatory, how does the cannabis operators manage them in this new legal framework. 

CA DOI CE Credit 1 Pending

CA BAR MCLE Credit 1 Pending

Course Summary:

Reduce your risk and cost


Measure Performance


Problem Solving

How to Minimize the risk of extractions


This course will take you to Santa Rosa, California to meet the guys at Atlas Extracts. Mike Aberle will discuss how to properly safe guard your business buy proper safety and SOP's. we will discuss the types of gases and method's used in extraction and the pros and cons of each. we will exam several different type's of equipment. This course will also walk you through Atlas process "How did they make that"  Don't this VIP behind the scenes look...  Get pre-enrolled and receive a gift from myCEcourse. 

CA DOI CE Credit 1 Pending

CA BAR MCLE Credit 1 Pending

Course Summary:

History of Extraction

Methods of Extractions

Use of Solvents

Basic Equipment

Ethanol Reclamation 


Compliance, Packaging, Safety

Cannabis In the workplace

What you will Learn

This course will walk you through the new cannabis employment laws in California. Now that recreational cannabis is legal, what does this mean for employers who are for cannabis and whose who are still making it part of their zero workplace drug policy.

Employers have to start being very mindful of changes in performance and indicators of intoxication. With laws and acceptance changing in California, You as an employers need to know how to protect your self. Do you want to maintain a zero 

HRCI Credits 1 Credit Pending

CA BAR MCLE 1 Credit Pending

Course Summary:

Zero Tolerance Drug Policy

Updating Employment Contracts

Industry Specific Changes From Within


Wage an Hour in California


Fortunately, in the U.S., there are a group of laws that protect workers' rights with respect to pay and hours worked. Among the most powerful of them are “wage and hour laws,” which set the minimum amount someone may earn per hour worked. Each state has its own set of wage and hour laws.

HRCI Credit 1 Pending

CA BAR MCLE Credit 1 Pending 

course summary

Wages & Benefits: Overview

Fair Wages FAQ

State Minimum Wage Laws

State Pay Day Requirements

FLSA Reference Guide

Employees Rights 101

Protective Security in the Cannabis Industry


In this course we will take a trip to Dallas, Texas as we explore what we think is safe and what cannabis businesses should be doing to protect not only their cannabis goods and business personal property, but what steps they need to protect their staff. This course will go into details on what security systems you should consider and what to avoid. We will discuss what the meaning “Mussel vs Mussel” really means. Is there a security system that preforms every time?

CA DOI CE Credit 1 Pending

Course Summary:

Security Plan

Facility Security

Product Security

Policy and Procedures

Mussel vs Mussel