Ethics of Cannabis Lawyering

Course Details

                  • Course Duration: 19:20 Minutes
                  • Instructor: Professor Jay Mootz
                  • EXPRESS COURSE

Course Overview

Where is the line for ethics when servicing cannabis clients. Professor Jay Mootz discusses "Is it Ethical under the rules of professional conduct for lawyers o service cannabis clients?  With most states following ethical conduct rules, this course is for you no matter what state you find your self-working in.

All US Lawyers have sworn to uphold all US laws, so are they able to service cannabis client legally?


Course Chapters:

    • Chapter 01 - Is it ethical for lawyers to represent cannabis businesses. 
    • Chapter 02 - California Ethical Laws. 

Who Should Take This Course:

      • Insurance Professionals.
      • Legal Professionals.
      • Cannabis Business Owners.
      • Claims Adjusters.
      • Insurance Carriers.
      • Reinsurance Companies.

What to expect:

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